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Are we just another group of
Building Automation Consultants ?

...Not at all... Yes, there are a number of sites out there on the net that specialize in Johnson Controls, Honeywell, or Siemens systems (to name a few)...

...And we at Building Automation Consultants LLC even specialize on one of the top three listed above. While those other sites are fine, do they offer:

- A brief history of HVAC-related automation?

- Current trends in this industry?

- Energy Management, and common usage of components?

- A new approach towards installation and operations?

What if there was a company out there that offers a world-class system for the small-to-medium business, enabling a lower installed cost than the "Majors?"

Using our unique, hybrid approach, we will do just that!

Have a look around, click the buttons on the left, and enjoy your visit.

Please contact us if we can be of any assistance,
and thank you for stopping by!

A Brief Building Automation History
Building Automation systems are so common today, but how did it all begin? What is the building automation history?

Direct Digital Control History
Operating today's modern facilities is so easy, just a quick keystroke and we're done, right? ... But how did it all start? Direct Digital Control History?

What is the Capability of a Digital Control system?
When done right, your digital controls should have the capability to blend into the framework of your building, hard-working and practically transparent.

Building Automation DDC Submittals
DDC Submittals that are industry-standard, for HVAC digital control systems

Building Automation DDC Software
DDC Software that is industry-standard, for HVAC digital control systems

About Us
Welcome! Find out more about us.

Contact Us
Have a question? We're here to help....

Please visit our new Site at www.bac-llc.net !

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